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Taio-Kogyo has integrated stamping production
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Business outline
Integrated operation
Die design with making
Precision metal stamping
Resin molding
Various processes with assembly
Quality managing systems
Top page Business outline Resin molding
Resin molding
FMS Challenging to meet the requirements of FMS.

An automatic insert molding facility making full use of robotics system that is gentle to people is realized.

Horizontal injection machine
Our injection molding line that is manufacturing small automotive parts is working 24 hours with uninhabited conditions.


Horizontal injection machine
Image processor
A vision system is introduced. Our appearance inspection machine ensure consistent appearance quality.

Image processor
I introduce the system that IoT was utilized for a fire formation product line "CAMOT NET 100", do network juncture of each equipment of a resin product line (the whole electric injection press), do a watch, control and an analysis, plan for optimization of the whole factory and achieve productivity improvement and cost reduction.

IoT system
Seat belt parts
Each seat belt part is the most important product for us. Our integrated operation manufacturing system is reliable to the customers.

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